Mt. Gretna Bible Festival

All Programs in the Historic Mt. Gretna Tabernacle
(Third St. & Glossbrenner Ave.)
All evening programs begin at 7:00 pm.

Check out our site for events and dates

Mt. Gretna Borough

Mount Gretna Borough
101 Chautauqua Drive
P O Box 61
Mount Gretna, PA 17064
24 Hour Emergency Number: 717.964.3231

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday

Mt. Gretna Campmeeting


Mt. Gretna Heights

Mt. Gretna Heights

Pennsylvania Chautauqua

The Pennsylvania Chautauqua
PO Box 637
Mt. Gretna, PA 17064

General Inquiries: 717-964-3270
Hall of Philosophy Rental: 717-571-0330
Summer Programs: 717-964-1830
Worship Services: 717-737-8133 or 717-964-3050

Playhouse Operating Committee

The P.O.C. manages and raises funds for the historic Mt Gretna Playhouse.

PO Box 513
Mt Gretna, PA 17064

President: Jessica Kosoff


Mt. Gretna Arts Council

Formed in 1987, the purpose of the organization is to strengthen the cultural life of the community and continue its development as a cultural center, while preserving the environment of the community. Click on the web link for information about this year’s Summer Premiere!

Mt. Gretna School of Art

The Mt. Gretna School of Art is specifically designed to give the kind of focused immersive learning experience not normally available in academic settings. We seek students who have the strong motivation to work all day every day at their art, in addition to living in a cooperative setting where mutual acts of social responsibility and service to the community are expected.

Headline Instructors. Public Lectures & Workshops. Museum Trips. And More.

phone: (717) 823-8367