Mount Gretna Borough


May12, 2014

Charles Allwein, President, called the meeting of the Mount Gretna Borough Council to order at 7:00 p.m.   The meeting was held in the Borough Office, lower level of the  Post Office building, Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania.


Council members and staff present:

Charles B. Allwein, President                         Michael Bell

Virginia Minnich                                             William Kleinfelter

Lois Herr

Keith Kilgore, Solicitor                                   Linda Bell, Secretary/Treasurer                     

William Care, Public Works Director/Code Enforcement Officer

Council members absent:

Joseph Shay, Mayor – Fire Company Training

Also present:

Kathy Hackleman, Lebanon Daily News

Officer Candace Miller, Cornwall Borough Police Department (present for a police report only)

William Barlow, resident 415 Yale Avenue

Minutes, Financial Report, & Invoices List:

Virginia Minnich made a motion to accept the April meeting minutes.  William Kleinfelter seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

President Allwein made note of the snow removal income and EIT income which is ahead of budget.  Lois Herr made a motion to accept the April Financial Report and Invoice listing. Virginia Minnch seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

POLICE REPORT:  Officer Miller read the April police report.  A copy of this report is attached and heretofore made part of the minutes.



Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority. . . . . Meeting minutes available on website -

Lebanon Community Library . . . . . . . . .  May Newsletter

Lebanon County EMA . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Request for Approval of Hazards Mitigation Plan*

Penn State Extension  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . West Nile Virus Tire Collection

Cornwall Quentin Mount Gretna Youth Association . . .  Thank You Note

Youghiogheny Riverkeeper  . . . . . . . . . . .  Pipeline Information Public Meeting on May 14th

*Solicitor Kilgore will prepare a resolution to approve the Hazard Mitigation Plan for the June meeting.

Dauphin-Lebanon County Boroughs Association Meeting:  Lois Herr reported that she attended the DLCBA meeting.   One of the topics of discussion was email communications; council members should never use “reply all” when discussing matters of council business.  A Social Picnic and meeting are scheduled for July 29th at the Jonestown Park.


Proposed New House:  William Barlow presented preliminary plans for a proposed new house on Lebanon Avenue.  The proposed plan is for a small house with no garage or off-street parking.  The plan includes a raised walkway for entrance to Lebanon Avenue.  Mr. Barlow would like to allow for a 12’ utility easement on the east side of the property which would then become a pathway from Lancaster to Lebanon Avenue.  Mr. Barlow stated that a rain garden would be installed on the north of the house to deal with storm water.

Solicitor Kilgore informed Mr. Barlow that a sealed survey including the setbacks should be prepared for the June Council meeting.

Council thanked Mr. Barlow for his willingness to allow for a utility easement.





MAYOR:  No Report






Ordinance #197:  Michael Bell made a motion to proceed with preparation of an ordinance to vacate storm water easement across Larry Roush’s property from March 6, 1998 and John and Patricia Amodeo’s property from May 14, 1998.  William Kleinfelter seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


Resolution Number 5-12-2014:  Solicitor Kilgore presented Resolution # 5-12-2014 providing for a change in application fees for a license to conduct transient retail business within the Borough.  This change of fees keeps the charges uniform within the municipalities who purchase police services from Cornwall Borough.  Lois Herr stated that she believes the change makes the process unnecessarily more complicated and prefers the wording as approved previously. However, she would not vote against it.  Michael Bell made a motion to adopt Resolution #5‑12‑2014.  William Kleinfelter seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


Resolution Number 05-12-2014 (A):  Lois Herr made a motion to adopt Resolution # 05-12-14 (A) approving the erection of a banner across route #117 at the intersection of Carnegie Avenue.  Michael Bell seconded the motion.  All were in favor.



Mr. Care gave the following report.


Brush Collection:  One brush collection remains to be completed this spring.


Street Sweeping:  Street sweeping has been completed.


Leaf Collection:  The staff started leaf collection today.


Lancaster Avenue Storm Sewer:  The storm sewer project between Lebanon and Lancaster Avenues has not yet been completed due to the weather and contractor scheduling issues.  A concrete swale from the inlet at Lancaster Avenue running 50’ south to Lebanon Avenue will be installed as soon as weather permits.


Street Paving:  Lebanon Avenue residents should be notified that the Borough is considering narrowing Lebanon Avenue by five feet and parking may be limited to one side of the street.  Council briefly discussed the advantages of narrowing the street.


Brown Avenue Project:  Brown Avenue curbing needs to be reset and light posts installed before paving can be completed.  Mr. Care stated that due to the severity of last winter, paving may not be completed until spring of 2015.


Easements:  The survey for the altered walk way easement at the Amodeo property has been completed.  The plot plan has not been completed.


Parking Police:  A meeting was held on May 9, 2014 with Maria and Neil Umberger of the Lebanon County Auxiliary, Chief Harris of Cornwall Borough Police Department, Linda Bell and Mr. Care concerning the summer parking schedule.  


Equipment:  No Report




Variance Request:  Mr. Care reviewed a request to construct a raised wooden walkway at 118 Princeton Avenue.  The walkway would connect the existing porch to the parking pad in the rear of the house.  The portion of the house already extends into the setback.  Solicitor Kilgore stated that if the walkway is to include a roof/cover, a variance is required.  Mr. Care will discuss this matter with the property owners, Marlin and Donna Hosler.




Pennsylvania Chautauqua:  Mr. Bell had no report.  Mr. Care stated that the boardroom remodeling is nearly complete and the next Borough council meeting will be held in the new room.


Mount Gretna Authority:  Mr. Care reported site clean-up at the waste water treatment facility was delayed due to wet ground but is now near completion.







Property Maintenance:  Lois Herr made a motion to notify the owner of 1 Muhlenberg Avenue to comply with the property maintenance code for safety of building occupancy.  William Kleinfelter seconded the motion.  All were in favor.





President Allwein adjourned the meeting at 8:35 PM.


Respectfully submitted,




Linda A. Bell, Secretary/Treasurer

Mount Gretna Borough Council