Mount Gretna Arts Council Summer 2019 Calendar

2019 summer calendar of events

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Introduction to Mount Gretna

If you are visiting Mt. Gretna for the first time, you will find a special community.

Throughout the summer, cultural activities flourish. Despite its small geographic area, Mt. Gretna has six distinct areas with their own governing bodies: Pa Chautauqua, Mt. Gretna Campmeeting Association, Stoberdale, Mt. Gretna Heights, Conewago Hill, and Timber Hills.

Pennsylvania Chautauqua

Since the Pennsylvania Chautauqua’s founding in 1892, its summer activities have been an integral part of Mount Gretna summers.  In keeping with its Mission to promote a program of the arts, religion, culture and recreation, the Pennsylvania Chautauqua offers a wide variety of summer activities

Mt. Gretna Campmeeting Association

The Mt. Gretna Campmeeting Association originated in 1892 as a tent site. The tents were replaced by closely packed “gingerbread” style cottages. The meeting area became the site for the Tabernacle which is the focus point for the summers activities. Today, many of the homes in the Campmeeting section of Mt. Gretna retain the heritage and appearance of the original cottages of a hundred years ago.


At the Boulevard Avenue entrance, the Heights’ north end, is another tiny section of Mt. Gretna called Stoberdale, location of about a dozen homes, the Fire Company, and the Hide-A-Way Restaurant. Stoberdale may contain examples of Gretna’s largest and smallest homes, literally almost side-by-side, and two small hidden ponds.

Mt. Gretna Heights

After the turn of the century, Abraham Kauffman purchased a tract of land to the east of the Campmeeting Association.  He established a commercial-resort complex, including a general store, a three-story hotel, an icehouse, and a small mansion. Additional lands to the east were purchased and developed into residential cottages. Today, the former “Kauffman Heights” residential area is known as “The Heights.”

Conewago Hill

In 1909 the majestic, five-story, 125 room, Conewago Hotel was built on the western slope overlooking Mt. Gretna’s Lake Conewago. Unfortunately, the stock market crash of October 1929, and the ensuing depression that lasted through World War II, led to the closing of the Conewago Hotel. Today, the hotel grounds are now the site of the lovely Conewago Hills residential homes, and many of these homes enjoy that same gorgeous view of the Lake.


Timber Hills

North of the Conewago Lake is a tract of land once used by the Pennsylvania National Guard for summer military exercises, and for mobilization of Pennsylvania forces starting with the Spanish American War in 1898. Today it is the site for residential homes, and the Timbers Dinner Theater sits on the spot formerly occupied by the Commanding General of the 28th Division and his staff.



















Mt. Gretna 2019 Calendar of Events


Events Listed by Date


At the end of each event listing will be a pair of codes for the location of the event, and the sponsoring organization of the event.

Location Codes: (two letters)

BR           Board Room

CG          Chautauqua Grounds

CP           Chautauqua Playground

FH          Mt. Gretna Fire Co. Hall or Parking Lot

HC          Heights Community Building

HP           Chautauqua Hall of Philosophy

PH          Playhouse

TB          Campmeeting Tabernacle

TC           Tennis Courts



Organization Codes: (three letters)

ACN       Arts Council

BBF        Bible Festival

CFN         Chautauqua Foundation

CHP        Chautauqua Summer Programs

CIC         The Original Mt Gretna Cicada Musical Festival, Inc

CMP       Campmeeting Association

GTH       Gretna Theatre

HER        Heritage Festival

HIS        Mt. Gretna Area Historical Society

MAG      Music at Gretna

OAS        Outdoor Art Show

SOA         Mt. Gretna School of Arts

VFC        Volunteer Fire Company


For all Programs Donations are appreciated unless a fee is listed.  All information is current effective 18 April



Saturday, May 25

8:00 am      Campmeeting Porch Sale. Map provided, 8-2.  CMP        

8:00 am       Pancake & Sausage Breakfast. FH/VFC

10:00 am     Coffee & Conversation. Opening of the Library

See recurring   page.  LB/LIB

1:00 pm      MGAHS Open. 5/25-9/1 See recurring page.

964-1105 HIS


               Mt. Gretna Summer Premiere & Art Auction.

                 Reception. $20 HP/ACN


7:30 pm    Mt. Gretna Summer Concerts: Crooners: From Nat King Cole to Michael Buble’.  Andy Boettcher, Tim Russell,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Darryl Thompson, Charis Duke, & the band “The Heat.” TB/CMP

Sunday,May 26

 1:00 pm      MGAHS Open. 5/25-9/1 See recurring page. 964-1105 HIS

2:00 pm      Mt. Gretna Community Library open.  See recurring page. LB/LIB

Wednesday, May 29

4:00 pm     Yoga. Stephanie Bost. $8. 5/29-9/11 964-1830. See recurring page.


Friday, May 31

9:00 am   Mt Gretna Bird Club meets every Friday morning at 9:00 in the large parking lot on route 117 in

Mt. Gretna. We bird from 9-11.   Please bring binoculars. All are welcomed.

See recurring page.CG

Recurring Page: (Located before phone numbers) Lists repeating weekly entries.

Saturday, June 1

2:00 pm     Mt. Gretna Art Gallery at The Porch and Pantry Café. See recurring page. CG

7:30 pm      18th Annual Heritage Festival: TNT, live, acoustic pop duo from Harrisburg.

Donations are welcomed. TB/HER

Monday, June 3

1:00 pm    Mahjong on the porch.  964-2299 6/3-9/9 See recurring page.



Wednesday, June 5

4:00pm      Yoga. Stephanie Bost. $8 964-1830 See recurring

page.  HP/CHP

6:00 pm      Wire-wrapped earrings. Sharon Carlucci (Photo on Chautauqua web site & Facebook page.)

Class includes all materials. $30  Register by 5/ 31. 717-964-1830.  HP/CHP

Friday, June 7

5:00 pm     First Friday: The Gallery at LaCigale :   Bill Fleisher,  oil painting.

                 First Friday :  Mt. Gretna Art Gallery at The Porch and Pantry Café. CG

5:30 pm      First Friday : Library. LB/LIB

First Friday : Tennis Grounds.  Food, music & beverages. Open to the public

7:00 pm      Tabernacle Ecumenical Program. “GOD WORKS In Us His Character”, Rev.

Lumi Nichols, First Baptist Church,

Lancaster, PA TB/BBF

7:00 pm      Discover One Bird; Save a Thousand. In 1997, the discovery of an odd bird led scientists in a race to save it & establish reserves conserving both resident and migratory birds from North

America.  Doug Wechsler. HP/CHP

Saturday, June 8

2:00 pm      Mt. Gretna Art Gallery at The Porch and Pantry Café.

                    CG See Recurring Page.

7:30 pm       18th Annual Heritage Festival:  Teen Town. A powerhouse jazz fusion trio with

music spanning multiple decades.  Donations are welcomed. TB/HER                       

 Sunday June 9

10:00 am      1910 Worship Service: Based on Worship in the early days. HP/CHP

Monday, June 10

7:00 pm        Book Review: Tony Morrison, The Source of Self-Regard. Yasmin Brown


Tuesday, June 11

10:00 am       Book Review: Stephen Greenblatt, The Rise of Adam and Eve: The Story That Created Us. Jeffrey Robbins,

   Professor of Religion, LVC. HP/CHP

6:00 pm         Carve your cares away:  Create a comfort bird (google it). Jack Miller. Bring your own knife

or  purchase one at 717-637-6963. $22. Register by 6/ 4. 717-964-1830.  HP/CHP

Wednesday, June 12

7:00 pm          Organ Recital. Alexander Pattavina, Julliard School.  Minimum $5 donation requested.  HP/CHP

Thursday, June 13

10:00 am        Religious History of PA. Dr. Steven Nolt’s Amish

research has focused on community formation, history &

economic social change in Amish life. HP/CHP

2:00 pm           Irving Berlin’s I love a Piano. $39/36 PH/GTH

7:30 pm            Irving Berlin’s I love a Piano. $39/36 PH/GTH



Friday, June 14

7:00 pm          Feathered Hunters: Hawks & Owls.  Many of you have already seen the species of birds of prey that naturalist

Jack Hubley will be bringing. Weather permitting bring your lawn chair. HP/CHP

7:00 pm          Tabernacle Ecumenical Program. “GOD WORKS In the Storms of Life”, Sr.

Pastor Tony Hunt, Lancaster Evangelical Free Church, Lititz, PA TB/BBF

7:30 pm            Irving Berlin’s I love a Piano. $39/36 PH/GTH

Saturday, June 15

10:00 am         History on the Porch:  Join us on the MGAHS porch for an informal Q & A session &    sharing of photos and  stories, of our beloved community. HIS

11:00 am          Kids Series: The Brave Little Tailor. $8/$5 PH/GTH

7:30 pm            18th Annual Heritage Festival:  Celtic Marlins, high-energy, fiddle-driven

Celtic music& Irish dance. Donations are welcomed.  TB/HER

7:30 pm            Irving Berlin’s I love a Piano. $39/36 PH/GTH

Sunday, June 16

2:00 pm               Irving Berlin’s I love a Piano. $39/36 PH/GTH

7:00 pm              Mt. Gretna’s own Andy Roberts Jazz Quartet will praise God with the original jazz song     stylings. TB/BBF

Monday, June 17

6:00 pm            Create a glass-fusion mosaic dish. Kathleen Forney.

$23. Register by 6/11. 964-1830.  HP/CHP

7:00 pm              Book Review. Lukianoff & Haidt, The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting up a Generation for Failure. Susan Wood. LB/LIB

Tuesday, June 18

10:00 am           Book Review. Matt Simon, The Wasp That Brainwashed the Caterpillar.  Stacy Goodman, Professor of Biology, LVC.  HP/CHP

7:00 pm          Healing Essential Oils.  Explore the historical significance of Holy oils and their therapeutic potential for us today with Deacon Marsha Roscoe.   HP/CHP

Wednesday, June 19

7:00 pm            Organ Recital: Alexander Ashman, Rutgers University.  Minimum $5 donation requested.  HP/CHP

Thursday, June 20

7:00 pm            “My Life in ‘The President’s Own’ United States Marine Band” James Erdman. Jim had a distinguished

career as a USMC musician in “The President’s Own,” founded by John Philip Sousa. Jim will talk about life as

a musician for the White House, on concert tours, and the many famous people he encountered.  HP/CHP

Friday, June 21

10:00am           Seven Dirty Words with News York Time Op-Ed writer Bari Weiss. Since George Carlin rocked the ‘70s with his language, it seems nothing is sacred, and everything can be said and seen. Weiss proposes a new set.  HP/CHP

7:00 pm           Tabernacle Ecumenical Program: “GOD WORKS with Our Hands”, Pastor Gretchen Lerien, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Lebanon, Pa.TB/BBF

7:00 pm             History of the American Intelligence Community. Dr. Hatch is the senior historian at a major component of the Intelligence Community. HP/CHP

Saturday, June 22

11:00 am            Gretna Music for Kids: Ahn Trio.

They’ve played Carnegie Hall and MTV’s Unplugged. Ages six & up  $1-5. PH/MAG

7:30 pm             Mt. Gretna Summer Concerts: Double Treble: Two Belting Blondes from New York City.  Jenna Pastuszek, Ashley Sweetman, Gina Giachero & the Double Treble Band.  TB/CMP

Sunday, June 23

7:00 pm             Amy Yovanovich is a well-known and accomplished Christian singer who will bring us an inspiring evening of music.TB /BBF

7:30 pm             Ahn Trio and Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company. A Quest for Freedom, live music and dance performance. $27/22 in advance, $30/25/PWYW day of concert. PH/MAG


Monday, June 24

10:00 am           Mindfulness: Introduction to Sitting Meditation. Pat Larish.  Part 1 / 7. $12. Questions call 717-964-1830.   HP/CHP

5:30 pm            Mt. Gretna Supper Club:  Join neighbors and friends across Mt. Gretna for dinner by Chef

on the Go.  Entertainment by pianist Andy Roberts. Register by June 17, 717-964-1830. $25.  HP/CHP

7:00 pm           Book Review. Richard Powers, The Overstory. Mike Sherman.LB/LIB

Tuesday, June 25

10:00 am         Book Review: David Wallace-Wells, The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming.  Owen

Moe, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, LVC.  HP/CHP

7:00 pm          Wonders of the Night Sky.  Join Planetarium Director Rich Fried for a tour of the summer

night sky.

Meet Rich at the main entrance of Cedar Crest H S (facing Evergreen Road) at 6:50 PM. Register 717-964-1830.

7:00 pm          The Lebanon Valley Conservancy is engaged in protecting wildlife, bird migration routes, feeding grounds and

waterways. Speakers will talk about their vital stopover at Middle Creek. HP/CHP

Wednesday, June 26

10:00 am       MGSoA Lecture: Barbara Grossman. “The Segue Between Observation and Intuition.” HP/CHP

7:00 pm        Organ Recital: Aaron Patterson, Curtis Institute.  Minimum $5 donation requested.  HP/CHP

Thursday, June 27

10:00 am       Lies We Believe about God. Kathy Snavely will lead an exploration of William Paul Young’s book which

exposes 28 commonly uttered things we say about God.  HP/CHP

10:00 am         Yoga for Kids. Pat Steeley. Grades 1& above. Stacey’s

Place Gazebo. 6/27-8/15 Under 10 needs an adult. CHP

2:00 pm           Rounding Third. $39/36 PH/GTH

7:30 pm           Rounding Third. $39/36 PH/GTH

Friday, June 28

10:00 am     Work, Life and Happiness after 50: How to go from Strength to Strength.  Economist, Author and President of the American Enterprise Institute Arthur Brooks spoke to just that in his lecture which closed the Week Six

theme: The Changing Nature of Work.  HP/CHP

7:00 pm            Tabernacle Ecumenical Program. “God Works In The    Dark.” Rev. John Overman, Mt. Zion UMC, Enola, Pa. TB/BBF

7:00 pm            Living in Space. Jim O’Leary. Learn about early NASA and Soviet space programs.See a video tour showing life in the International Space Station. HP/CHP

7:30pm               Rounding Third. $39/36 PH/GTH

Saturday, June 29

9:30 am            Fairy Tale Morning. Ice Cream Breakfast. HP/CHP

10:00 am          Fairy Garden Story /Fairy Tale Parade. Ages10 and under Should to be accompanied by an adult.  HP/CHP

11:00 am          Kids Series: Rainbow Fish the Musical. $8/$5 PH/GTH

7:30 pm            Mt. Gretna Summer Concerts: Parrothead Party: The Music of Jimmy Buffett.  Larry McKenna, Rachel Dalton, Nora Fitzgerald, Abby Mosconi, Dennis Matthews, & the band “The Heat.”  Put on your Hawaiian shirt and join us. TB/CMP

7:30pm               Rounding Third. $39/36 PH/GTH         

Recurring Page: (Located before phone numbers) Lists repeating weekly entries.

For all Programs Donations are Appreciated unless a fee is listed.

Sunday, June 30

11:00 am        Jazz Worship Service: Alicia Olatuja and Pastor John Overman. PH/MAG

2:00 pm            Rounding Third. $39/36 PH/GTH

7:00 pm            New Holland Band returns with a patriotic and spiritual concert, directed by Dr. Kenneth Laudermilch.  TB/BBF

Monday, July 1

10:00 am           Mindfulness. Being with the Mind during Meditation: Attention, Intention,

Attitude. Pat Larish.  Part 2 / 7.  $12.  717-964-1830.         HP/CHP

7:00 pm                Book Review. Meredith Wadman, The Vaccine Race. Margaret Hopkins. LB/LIB

7:15 pm                MGSoA. Michael Allen: “Observation Memory and Invention.” HP/CHP

Tuesday, July 2

10:00 am          Book Review: Peter Frankopan, The Silk Roads: A New History of the World. Kevin Pry, Associate Professor of

English,LVC.   HP/CHP.

6:00 pm             Mosaic Fairy Garden Stepping Stone. Create a beautiful mosaic stepping stone with Patti Reichenbach using stained glass and other embellishments. $25. Register by 6/25. 717-964-1830 HP/CHP

Wednesday, July 3

10:00 am           MGSoA Lecture: Brian Rego, “The Unexpected Knock” HP/CHP

7:00 pm             Brigadoon. (1954) Two Americans on a hunting trip in Scotland become lost. They encounter a small village,

not on the map, called Brigadoon.  Popcorn. HP/CHP


Thursday, July 4

7:00 pm             4th of July Celebration & Band Concert. Keystone

Band of Rehrersburg 60th year. Donation.  PH/CHP

9:00 pm             Grand Illumination. Follow the luminaries. Smores at the tennis gazebo. TC/CHP

Friday, July 5

9:00 am           Mt Gretna Bird Club.  We meet every Friday in

the Chautauqua parking lot (weather permitting).

See recurring page. 717- 964-3412 CG

10:00 am          Overcoming Political Tribalism and Reclaiming American Democracy. Yale University law professor Amy Chua contends in her book, Political Tribes: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations.  HP/CHP

5:00 pm              First Friday: The Gallery at La Cigale: Jonathan Frazier,oil plein air. Live

music on porch with Mowie Freeman.

5:00 pm             First Friday: Open Studio MGSoA. HC

                         First Friday: Mt. Gretna Art Gallery at The Porch and Pantry Café. CG

5:30 pm            First Friday: Library. LB/LIB

7 :00 pm              Our Pennsylvania Dutch U.S. Presidents.  Jean-Paul Benowitz will share

how Pennsylvania Dutch culture, traditions and philosophy formed the

domestic and foreign policies of U.S. presidents. HP/HIS/CHP

Saturday, July 6

11:00 am          History Walk: “Abraham Kauffman’s Mount Gretna.” Meet at firehouse parking lot.  Led by Ron Hontz.  HIS

7:30 pm           The Nutcracker and I. A retelling of the classic story. $40/30/24/18 in advance, $43/33/27/21/PWYW day of

performance. Contact Gretna Music for special family pricing.  PH/MAG

7:30 pm             18th Annual Heritage Festival:  Colebrook Road string band & bluegrass powerhouse.  All donations welcome.TB/CMP


Sunday, July 7

10:00 am           Worship Service: Dr. A. Herbert Smith, Professor of Religious Studies McPherson

College, Kansas. Ann & Cris Dinsmore. PH/CHP

6:45 pm             First Listen with young local artists.  PH/MAG

7:00 pm             Piercing Word is presenting a new 2019 drama titled “One Story.” They have been bringing the Bible to life

since 2007. TB/ BBF

7:30 pm            Francisco Fullana, Violin. Ravel, Turina, Sarasate, Granados, Poulenc. $26/20 in advance, $29,23,PWYW

day of concert.  PH/MAG

Monday, July 8

10:00 am        Mindfulness: Stress: Responding vs. Reacting. Pat Larish.  Part 3 / 7. $12. 717-964-1830.    HP/CHP

6:00 pm         Painting the Mt. Gretna Woods. Ellen Nicholas.  A hands-on acrylic painting session (2 hours). All

supplies provided.  $25. Register by 7/ 1.  717-964-1830.  HP/CHP

7:00 pm            Book Review: James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time. Nadeen Van Tuyle.LB/LIB

Tuesday, July 9

10:00 am          Book Review: Pietra Rivoli, The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy: An Economist  Examines the Markets, Power, and Politics of World Trade. Kimberlee Josephson, Assistant Professor of Business, LVC. HP/CHP

6:00 pm              Create a glass-fusion mosaic dish or small coral bowl.  $25 (large bowl, $40) Kathleen Forney. Photos on

Chautauqua web site.  Register by 7/ 2.  717-964-1830.  HP/CHP

Wednesday, July 10

10:00 am          MGSoA Lecture: Catherine Lepp, “Figures in the Landscape: Color and the Human Form” HP/CHP

7:00 pm            Gigi. (1958) Gaston is a restless Parisian playboy, while also spending time with Gigi , a precocious younger friend learning the ways of high society. Popcorn provided.  HP/CHP

Thursday, July 11

10:00 am           Pennsylvania Mennonites, Brethren and the Politics of World War I.

Elizabethtown College Anabaptist scholar, Steve Nolt.  HP/CHP

10:00 am           Yoga for Kids. Pat Steeley. Grades 1& above. Stacey’s Place Gazebo. 6/27-8/15 Under 10

needs an adult. See recurring page. CHP

7:00 pm             Theme and Variation:  Musical Notes by a Neurologist.  Dr. Carl

Ellenberger addresses why we like certain   kinds of music and why playing

and listening can exercise the brain at all ages.    HP/CHP

Friday, July 12

10:00 am          The Art of Play: Jill Vialet believes that playing is essential to human development and addresses significant

education reform issues by encouraging greater creativity and problem-solving skills. HP/CHP

7:00 pm             The View Below: Amazing Sights in the Loyalsock Creek. Underwater “snorklehead” and naturalist Keith

Williams shares his adventures of exploring and discovering the underwater world of the River of the Year, the

Loyalsock Creek. HP/CHP


Saturday, July 13

8:30 am               Chautauqua University for a Day: Michael Long, Stephanie Gromek, Dr. Marlene Arnold, & Kevin Pry.

Wine & cheese tasting @ 4:00 with Dr. Jody Dosh. 964-1830 $50 fee. Register by 7/6. HP/CHP.

10:00 am            History on the Porch:  Join us on the MGAHS porch for an informal Q & A

session & sharing of photos and stories of our beloved community. HIS

11:00 am           Gretna Music for Kids: Havana Hop, with Paige Hernandez. An interactive

musical tale of culture and confidence. Ages 6 and up.  $1-5. PH/MAG

7:30 pm            George Cables, piano. Presented in collaboration with Central PA Friends of


$30/25/20 in advance, $33/28/23/PWYW day of concert. PH/GM

7:30 pm            Mt. Gretna Summer Concerts: The Devil Came Down to Gretna.  Vocalist

and fiddler extraordinaire Jessika Brust brings her own band to the Tabernacle

featuring a wide range of music with something for everyone.  Also featuring

Abby Mosconi and Maria Panvini. TB/CMP

Sunday, July 14

10:00 am          Worship Service: Rev. William F. Murphey, Retired Episcopal Minister, Harrisburg.

The Susquehanna Chorale Quartet.PH/CHP

1:00 pm            MGSoA Art Exhibit. HP/SOA

6:45 pm              First Listen with young local artists.  PH/MAG

7:00 pm             Men in Harmony will present a concert titled “Our God is. . .” TB/BBF

7:30 pm         Julian Bliss, clarinet, with the Wister Quartet, and Bradley Moore, piano. Prokofiev, Brahms,& Mozart

$26/20 in advance, $29/23/PWYW day of concert. PH/MAG


Monday, July 15

10:00 am          Mindfulness:  Lovingkindness Meditation, Part One.  Pat Larish.  Part 4/7 $12. 717-964-1830.  HP/CHP


7:00 pm            Book Review: Michelle Obama, Becoming. Elaine and John Feather.LB/LIB

7:15 pm              MGSoA. Josephine Halvorson, “Josephine Halvorson: On the Ground.” HP/CHP

Tuesday, July 16

10:00 am           Book Review: Shaun Tam, The Arrival. Liz Sterner, Assistant Professor of Chemistry,LVC. HP/CHP

6:00 pm            Make a butterfly or heart suncatcher for tweens. Kathleen Forney.  Photo on Chautauqua web site.  Fee $15.

Register by 7/ 9. 717-964-1830. HP/CHP

Wednesday, July 17

10:00 am         MGSoA Lecture: Ken Kewley, “Ken Kewley – Stills & Animations” HP/CHP

7:00 pm           Paint Your Wagon. (1969) In this musical Ben Rumson  happens upon a wrecked wagon containing a dead man and his surviving brother, Pardner in the wilds of California during the Gold Rush. Popcorn provided.  HP/CHP



Thursday, July 18

10:00 am          Vijay “Jay” Deshpande, Esq. will speak about the origin and history of Hinduism and its major festivals and traditions.  Learn how Hindus pray and the gods to whom they pray. HP/CHP

10:00 am             Yoga for Kids. Pat Steeley. Grades 1& above. Stacey’s Place Gazebo. 6/27-8/15 Under 10 needs an adult. CHP

2:00 pm            Oliver!  $39/36 PH/GTH

7:30 pm            Oliver!  $39/36 PH/GTH
Friday, July 19

10:00 am          Orders to Kill: The Putin Regime and Political Murder. Dr. Amy Knight. This is the latest book on Russia authored by Dr. Knight, an expert in Russian history and culture at the Library of Congress.  HP/CHP

7:30 pm             Oliver! $39/36 PH/GTH

Saturday, July 20

9:00 am              3rd Annual Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Identify 20 images around Mt. Gretna. Call 717- 507-2667. Pickup clue sheets at the Visitors’ Center between 9 – 10 am or have sheet e-mailed to you.  For all ages!  HP/CHP

9:00 am            Chautauqua New Resident Reception.  Light breakfast plus meet and greet your neighbors  and representatives from the Board of Managers. HP/CHP

10:00 am            Chautauqua 101. Find out what initiated the Chautauqua movement and its inception in Mt. Gretna. HP/CHP

11:00 am         Kids Series: Aladdin $8/$5 PH/GTH

4:00 pm          Reveal Reception.    (see 9:00 am)  HP/CHP

7:30 pm            Oliver!  $39/36 PH/GTH

7:30 pm            Mt. Gretna Summer Concerts: The Music of James Taylor & Carly Simon.  Andy Boettcher, Lauryn Obozian, Olivia Perrin, Jessika Brust, Larry McKenna, & the band “The Heat.” TB/CMP



Sunday, July 21

10:00 am          Worship Service: Rev. Dr. J. Stewart Hardy, Retired,

Trinity Lutheran Church, Camp Hill. Christyan Seay,

Soloist, Harrisburg.PH/CHP

2:00 pm              Oliver!  $39/36 PH/GTH

7:00 pm              Ron Susek, an evangelist, will preach and his wife, Diane, will lead us in

worship through music TB/BBF

Monday, July 22  

10:00 am          Mindfulness: Lovingkindness Meditation, Part Two Pat Larish. 5 / 7.  $12  964-1830. HP/CHP

5:30 pm               Mt. Gretna Supper Club:  Dinner by Chef on the Go. Barbershoppers, The Catoctones. Register by 7/15.

717-964-1830. $25 HP/CHP  

7:00 pm            Book Review: Cathy O’Neill, Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy. Kristi Donahue and Bob Rader.


7:15pm               MGSoA. Erin Raedeke, “Making Sense of Things” HC/CHP

Tuesday, July 23

10:00 am         Book Review: Gary Gallagher, The Union War.  Jim Broussard, Professor of History, LVC.


Wednesday, July 24

10:00 am           MGSoA Lecture: Thaddeus Radell, “The Painter as Alchemist.” HP/CHP

4:00 pm              Laughter Yoga (Hasyayoga), Laughter Yoga is based on the belief that voluntary laughter

provides the same benefits as spontaneous laughter.

Tammy and Jack Bray of Joyful ViBRAYtions.  $10 at the door.  HP/MAG/CHP

7:30 pm           Yamato, the Drummers of Japan. A thrilling Gretna debut for the entire family! $40/30/24/18 in

advance, $43/33/27/21/PWYW day of performance. Contact Gretna Music for special family pricing. PH/MAG

Thursday, July 25

10:00 am          Shining Light, has a unique program working with the incarcerated. Jeff Bohn, Founder and Executive Director, will be sharing photos and stories. HP/CHP

4:00 pm           Mens’ Tennis Tournament. Food sales benefits the tennis club. Bring a chair and enjoy some great tennis. TC

7:00 pm            Classical Asian Indian Music.  John Protopapas, Professor of World Music at York College will demonstrate several prominent Indian musical instruments, speak about the historical, structural and spiritual roots of Indian classical music.  HP/MAG/CHP

7:30 pm           The Summer Club.  $30.  PH/GTH

Friday, July 26

10:00 am            Unbelievable. Bishop John Shelby Spong presents a summation of his findings after many years of scholarship, publishing and church leadership. He ends with his 12 theses in the spirit of modern church reformation. HP/CHP

4:00 pm            Mens’ Tennis Tournament. Food sales benefits the tennis club.

Bring a chair and enjoy some great tennis. TC

7:00 pm            Engagement and Innovation in Genomic Medicine with Old Order Amish and Mennonite throughout North America. Karlla Brigatti, Clinic for Special Children’s genetic counselor and Research Operations Director. HP/CHP


Saturday, July 27

9:00am               National Guard Returns to Mount Gretna! Stop by Soldiers Field to see volunteers bring elements of Camp

Hastings back to life.  You will see many elements of a soldier’s daily routine carried out in 1898.  HIS

10:00 am          Dedication Ceremony for Soldiers Field.  In case of inclement weather dedication will be held at HOP.

11:00 am         Kids Series: Goldilocks and the Three Bears. $8/$5  PH/GTH

12:00 pm          Mens’ Tennis Tournament. Food sales benefits the tennis club. Bring a chair & enjoy some great tennis. TC

7:30 pm            Mt. Gretna Summer Concerts: One Fine Night: The Music of Carole King.  Abby Mosconi, Ansley Livingston, Jessika Brust, Jen Buono, & the band “The Heat.” TB/CMP

Sunday, July 28

9:00 am              National Guard Returns to Mount Gretna! Stop by Soldiers Field to see volunteers bring elements of   Camp Hastings back to life.   HIS

10:00 am          Worship Service:  Rev. Richard Gardner, Retired,

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Lana

Walmer,Soloist, Harrisburg.  PH/CHP

12:00 pm          Mens’ Tennis Tournament.  Food sales benefits the tennis club. Bring a chair and enjoy some great tennis. TC

1:00 pm          Annual MGSoA Student Show. Open to the public. HP

5:30 pm             Indian Buffet Dinner by Namaste. $20, reservations required. HP/MAG

6:45 pm            First Listen/Look. Students from the Rasika School of Dance.  PH/MAG

7:00 pm            The Massed Choir.  Mary McDonald of Knoxville, TN returns to direct 175 voices in a joyous Sunday evening concert. TB/BBF

7:30 pm            Amjad Ali Khan and Sons. The world’s premier sarod virtuoso $26/20 in advance, $29/23/PWYW day of                        concert. PH/MAG

Monday, July 29

10:00 am           Mindfulness: Mindfulness and Communication. Pat Larish. 6 / 7.  $12 Register 964-1830. HP/CHP

4:00 pm             Mens’ Tennis Tournament. Food sales benefit the tennis club. Bring a chair and enjoy some great tennis. TC

7:00 pm             Book Review: Shane Bauer, American Prison: A Reporter’s Undercover Journey into the Business of Punishment. Margaret Hopkins. LB/LIB

7:15 pm              MGSoA Lecture. Bill White, “Translating Light into Color”. PH/CHP

Tuesday, July 30

10:00 am           Book Review: Errol Morris, The Ashtray: (Or the Man Who Denied Reality). Philip Benesch, Associate  Professor of Politics, LVC.  HP/CHP

4:00 pm            Mens’ Tennis Tournament. Food sales benefit the tennis club. Bring a chair and enjoy some great tennis. TC

Recurring Page: (Located before phone numbers) Lists repeating weekly entries.


For all Programs Donations are Appreciated unless there is a fee.

Wednesday, July 31

10:00 am          MGSoA Lecture: Kimberly Trowbridge, “Into the Garden.” HP/CHP

4:00 pm            Mens’ Tennis Tournament.  Food sales benefit the Tennis Club. Bring a chair and enjoy some great tennis.


7:00 pm               Camelot. (1969) Camelot is a castle and court associated with the legendary King Arthur.  Camelot first appeared in 12th-century French romances. Popcorn provided. HP/CHP

7:00 pm             Brothers in Grace is a premier local quartet that is known for quality inspirational spiritual music. TB/BBF

Thursday, August 1

10:00 am          Religious History of PA.  Horse & Buggy Mennonites in PA. Jean-Paul Benowitz. HP/CHP

2:00 pm            Murder For Two. $39/36 PH/GTH

4:00 pm            Mens’ Tennis Tournament. Food sales benefit the Tennis Club. Bring a chair and enjoy some great tennis. TC

7:30 pm             Murder For Two. $39/36 PH/GTH

Friday,      August 2

5:00pm             First Friday : Open Studio. MGSoA. HC

5:00 pm            First Friday :The Gallery at La Cigale: Rachel Coughlin,Sculpture. Jim Arthur Davis,digital imaging. Music on the porch with Scott Galbraith.

5:00 pm            First Friday : Mt. Gretna Art Gallery at The Porch and Pantry Café. CG

5:30 pm            First Friday: Library. LB

7:00 pm            When Cowboys Wore a Derby. Bob Baer. Explore the many myths around the Old West. How accurate is Hollywood’s portrayal of cowboys, gunslingers, Indians and Western characters? HP/CHP

7:30 pm            Murder For Two. $39/36 PH/GTH


Saturday, August 3

10:00 am           35th Annual Mt. Gretna Tour of Homes &Gardens.

Self-guided walking tour of homes and historical buildings. $20 in advance, $25 day of tour. MAG

11:00 am         Kids Series: Pinocchio. $8/$5 PH/GTH

11:00 am           House Tour Café. Stop by for light snack & drink until 3:00 pm. Donations benefit Gretna Music & Chautauqua Summer Programs.  HP/CHP

7:00 pm            A Festival of Handbell Choirs will ring music to the Praise and Glory of God under the direction of Michael Joy. TB/BBF

7:30 pm             Murder For Two. $39/36 PH/GTH



Sunday, August 4

10:00 am          Worship Service: Dr. D. Darrell Woomer, Retired, United Methodist, Cornwall, Pa.

Carl Iba Violinist, Harrisburg, Pa.PH/CHP

2:00pm             Murder For Two.  $39/36 PH/GTH

5:00 pm             Edible Landscape farm-to-table fundraising gala 14 Muhlenberg Ave.(find tickets at


7:00 pm            The National Christian Choir returns for their fourth presentation of superb Christian music. Hear them Sundays at 3 on WDAC.TB/BBF

Monday August 5

10:00 am           Mindfulness: Review and Moving Forward with Meditation in Your Life. Pat Larish   7/ 7 $12. Register 964-1830.  HP/CHP

7:15 pm             MGSoA Lecture. Bill Scott, “Bill Scott, Leaf and Line. The Reasons for

Painting an Imaginary Paradise.” HC/CHP

7:30 pm            The Original Mt. Gretna Cicada Music Festival Inc. Concert. Phil Dirt & The Dozers. A Beach Party Concert. $20 reserved seating. PH/CIC.


Tuesday, August 6

10:00 am           Book Review: Tara Westover, Educated: A Memoir. Reviewed by Diane Johnson, Professor of Politics, LVC.  HP/CHP

7:30 pm              The Original Mt. Gretna Cicada Music Festival Inc. Concert. CSN Songs. This group of seven seasoned musicians performs all the timeless “Crosby Stills Nash & Young” hits just as they were originally written, recorded and performed.  $20 reserved seating.  PH/CIC.


Wednesday, August 7

10:00 am           From the Schuylkill to the Hudson – Landscapes of the Early American Republic. A look into   Philadelphia’s contribution to America’s landscape tradition at PAFA.  Gloria Mast.  HP/CHP

7:00 pm              Stop the Bleed. Sandy Moritz, RN, National Certified School Nurse. This Homeland Security campaign aims to train bystanders and health professionals in the basics of bleeding control. Register by 8/ 1.717-964-1830. HP/CHP

7:00 pm              The Hymns of Charles Wesley is led by Rev. Bob Kettering and Dr. Rod Shearer. Charles Wesley has accepted our invitation to attend. TB/BBF

7:30 pm             The Original Mt. Gretna Cicada Music Festival Inc. Concert: Arrival. The music of Abba.  From Sweden, the world’s number one Abba tribute band.  $20

reserved seating.  PH/CIC.


Thursday, August 8

10:00 am            Yoga for Kids. Pat Steeley. Grades 1& above. Stacey’s  Place Gazebo. 6/27-8/15 Under 10 needs an adult. CHP

7:30 pm            The Original Mt. Gretna Cicada Music Festival Inc. Concert:  Shirelles and The Tokens. The Shirelles with   lead singer Shirley Alston Reeves and The Tokens with lead singer Jay Siegel will take you on an amazing ride down memory lane.  $20 reserved seating.  PH/CIC


Friday, August 9

7:00 pm            150 Years of Harper’s Bazaar.  Elizabeth Hummer, Design Director at Harper’s Bazaar and Creative Director of the recently published book takes us through the greatest moments of America’s first fashion magazine.   HP/CHP

Saturday, August 10

10:00 am            History on the Porch:  Join us on the MGAHS porch for an informal Q & A session & sharing

of photos and stories of our beloved community. HIS

11:00 am             Gretna Music for Kids: Akropolis Reed Quintet. Be ready for fast-paced musical fun with this group of                         wonderful woodwinds! Ages 6 and up. $1-5. PH/MAG

7:30 pm              18th Annual Heritage Festival:  The Youngers American musical storytellers . . . a combo of country, rock                              and ringing guitars. Donations are welcomed. TB/HER

7:30 pm            James “Blood” Ulmer, guitar. Blues guitar at its vital, gritty best. $26/20 in advance, $29/23/PWYW day of       concert. PH/MAG

Sunday, August 11

10:00 am            Worship Service:  Rev. Fred Opalinski, Retired Evangelical Lutheran Church in America,  Salem Lutheran Church Choir, Mark Dimick, Director. PH/CHP

6:45 pm            First Listen with young local artists. PH/MAG                                      

7:00 pm            Pastor David Kieffer, of Lancaster’s Westminster Presbyterian Church will lead the worship service, assisted by the church choir.  TB/BBF

7:30 pm             Akropolis Reed Quintet. An evening of musical fun with five of today’s most vibrant young reed musicians $26/20 in advance, $29/23/PWYW day of concert. PH/MAG


 Monday, August 12

7:30 pm            The Original Mt. Gretna Cicada Music Festival Inc. Concert: Gary Lewis and The Playboys. These guys remain one of the hottest acts around. What great songs they had. $20 reserved seating. PH/CIC.

Tuesday, August 13

10:00 am           Book Review: Ross Gay, The Book of Delights: Essays.  Holly M. Wendt, Assistant Professor of English, LVC. HP/CHP

7:30 pm            The Original Mt. Gretna Cicada Music Festival Inc. Concert. “Shadows of   the 60’s.” – The superstars of Motown. $20 reserved seating. PH/CIC.

 Wednesday, August 14

10:00 am          The Ancient Near East Nearby.  A look at the reinstallation of the Ancient Near East collection at the Penn Museum. We will look at the career of Leonard Woolley and one of his mysterious guests.  Gloria Mast.  HP/CHP

7:00 pm           Heimlich Heroes Sandy Moritz, RN, National Certified School Nurse. A class for children and parents to learn    the Heimlich Maneuver created for children ages 7 and up. Register by August 7 at 717-964-1830.  HP/CHP

Thursday, August 15

10:00 am           Yoga for Kids. Pat Steeley. Last Day. Playground

Saturday, August 17

9:00 am            Mt. Gretna Outdoor Art Show. $12 Children under 12 Free.  CG/OAS

7:30 pm            Mt. Gretna Summer Concerts: Burt Bacharach Songbook.  Rachel Hendrickson, Nerissa Wolfson, Kendyll                  Young, Jessika Brust, & the band “The Heat.” TB/CMP

Sunday, August 18

9:00 am            Mt. Gretna Outdoor Art Show. $12 Children under 12 Free. CG/OAS

10:00 am          Worship Service. Rev. Dr. George G. Kinney, Retired,

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Joseph Sobel,

Soloist, Salem United Church of Christ, Harrisburg, PA


7:00 pm            Susquehanna Chorale, a premier choral group in the nation, directed by Linda Tedford, makes its traditional summer appearance. TB/BBF


Tuesday, August 20

6:00 pm            Art Show Picnic for volunteers of the Mt Gretna Art Show. HP/OAS

Wednesday, August 21

10:00 am          The Ten and Lancaster’s Wolf Museum of Art and Music.  A look at this hidden gem in Lancaster City and its connection to a group of women artists known as “The Ten.”  Gloria Mast.  HP/CHP            

Thursday, August 22

2:00 pm           USO Show Troupe. $39/36   PH/GTH

7:30 pm            USO Show Troupe. $39/36   PH/GTH

Friday, August 23

7:00pm             The Life of a Collier. Rick Brouse. Hard work in the hills defined the life of colliers, men who made the charcoal that fueled the iron furnaces of the 18th and 19th centuries.    HP/HIS/CHP

7:30 pm            USO Show Troupe. $39/36   PH/GTH

Saturday, August 24

7:30 pm            USO Show Troupe. $39/36   PH/GTH  

7:30 pm            Mt. Gretna Summer Concerts: Broadway’s Greatest Hits: A New Revue.  Andy Boettcher, Jessika Brust, Maria Panvini, Darryl Thompson, Marie Anderson  , & the band “The Heat.” TB/CMP

Sunday, August 25

10:00 am           Community Service at the Campmeeting Tabernacle. William Kepner, Soloist, Lancaster, Pa.


2:00 pm            USO Show Troupe. $39/36   PH/GTH  

6:45 pm             First Listen with young local artists.PH/MAG

7:00 pm            The QuintEssentially Brass quintet with their engaging personalitiesand sparkling instrumental performances end another season. TB/ BBF

7:30 pm            Song of the Earth. Jennifer Johnson Cano, mezzo-soprano, John Matthew Myers, tenor, and Christopher Cano,piano. Britten and Mahler. $26/20 in advance, $29/23/PWYW day of concert. PH/MAG

Monday, August 26

1:00 pm           Mah Jongg on the Porch. 964-2299.  HP/CHP

5:30 pm            MG Supper Club dinner.  Chef on the Go, Anything but Quiet.Register by 8/ 19.  717-964-1830.  $25 HP/CHP

Tuesday, August 27

6:00 pm              Caputo Brothers return to show us how to make provolone cheese.   $35.Register by 8/20. 717-964-1830.


Wednesday, August 28

4:00 pm              Yoga.  Stephanie Bost. 5/29-9.11 $8. 964-1830 HP/CHP

Friday, August 30

7:00 pm              Play Readings: Kevin Pry. HP/CHP

Saturday, August 31


Sunday, September 1

10:00 am          Worship Service: Rev. Derek Wadlington, Chaplain, Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pa.  The Eaken Trio: John Eaken, Violin: Andrew Rammon, Cello; Gary Boerckel, Piano. PH/CHP

5:00 pm            End of Summer picnic & lowering of the gavel.

964-1956 for reservations by 8/29. Leave name, # in

party & if bringing salad /entrée/dessert. HP/CHP

6:45 pm             First Listen with young local artists. PH/MAG

7:30 pm            Jeremy Denk, piano. Bach, Ligeti, Liszt, Berg, and Schumann. $26/20 in advance, $29/23/PWYW day of concert. PH/MAG

7:30 pm               Mt. Gretna Summer Concerts: Divas Through the Decades with the Girls of Summer.  Rachel Hendrickson, Kate Nice, Maria Panvini, Jessika Brust, Larry McKenna, & the band “The Heat”


Monday, September 2

1:00 PM             Mah Jongg on the Porch.  6/3-9/9 964-2299.  HP/CHP


Recurring Events Page



1:00 pm    Historical Society Museum Open. 964-1105 5/25-9/1 HIS



1:00 pm     Mahjong on the Porch. 6/3-9/9 964-2299. HP/CHP



4:00 pm       Yoga.  Stephanie Bost. 5/29-9/11 $8. 964-1830 HP/CHP


10:00 am    Yoga for Kids. Pat Steeley. Grades 1& above. Stacey’s

Place Gazebo. 6/27-8/15 Under 10 needs an adult. CHP


9:00 am     Mt Gretna Bird Club. Meet at Chautauqua parking lot year-round. Bring Binoculars. Weather permitting. 964-3412 CG


10:00 am    Coffee & Conversations. 5/25-8/31 LB/LIB

1:00 pm     Historical Society Museum Open. 5/25-9/1 964-1105 HIS

2:00 pm       Mt. Gretna Art Gallery at The Porch and Pantry Café. 6/1-8/31(Saturdays)






Mt. Gretna Community Directory



Governments and Services:

Mt. Gretna Borough (*)                                          964-3270

(*) 24-hr emergency & answering service                964-3231

Mt. Gretna Campmeeting                                        964-3040

Mt. Gretna Heights                                                 964-3108

Mt. Gretna Volunteer Fire Company                        964-3511

Mt. Gretna Water & Sewer Authority (*)                 964-3270

PA Chautauqua (*)                                                 964-3270

Police Dispatch Cornwall Borough                          272-2054

(Emergency — 911)

US Post Office, Mt. Gretna                                     964-3804

Additional Mt. Gretna Services:

Becky Briody Chef-on-the-Go                                 964-3541

Brownstone Realty                                                 304-0248

Colebrook Tavern and Restaurant                            964-3551

Collins Grocery                                                      964-3166

Diana Lynn’s Hair Salon                                         964-2062

Gretna Computer Consulting                                   964-1106

La Cigale                                                                964-3313

Mt. Gretna Hide-A-Way                                         675-7987

Mt. Gretna Lake & Beach                                       964-3130

Mt. Gretna Miniature Golf                                      964-1308

Mt. Gretna Pizzeria                                                    964-1853

Mt. Gretna Realty                                                   964-2100

Mt. Gretna Roller Rink                                           964-3631

Penn Realty                                                            964-3800

Porch & Pantry                                                       964-3771

The Jigger Shop                                                      964-9686

Timbers Restaurant & Dinner Theatre                      964-3601



Governor Dick Park                                                    964-3808

Gretna Theatre Box Office                                          964-3627

Mt. Gretna Bible Festival                                        371-1725

Mt. Gretna Cicada Festival                                      389-6306

Mt. Gretna Historical Society                                  964-1105

Mt. Gretna Tennis Club                                          269-3989

Mt. Gretna Methodist Church                                  964-3241

Mt. Gretna Outdoor Art Show                                 964-3270

Music at Gretna                                                      361-1508

Misc. Contacts:

Lawn Fire Company                                               964-2369

Rental of Hall of Philosophy                                   571-0330

Rental of Fire Company Social Hall                         964-1106

Rental of Heights Community Building                   813-3380

Rental of Playhouse                                                964-3270

Rental of Tabernacle                                               964-3040


Gretna Community Volunteer Fire Company

All events at the Fire Hall.

May 25                 8:00 am               Pancake & Sausage Breakfast

Sept 21                 4:00 pm               Pig Roast

Oct   20                    11:00 am            Bingo

Oct 25                   7:00 pm               Halloween Parade

Nov 3                   8:00 am              Breakfast

Nov 9                  12:00 pm                 Soup Cook Off

Nov 30                 9:00 am               Craft Show

Dec 14                    10:00 am              Cookies with Santa

Calendar Credits and Information

2019  Calendar Committee of the Mt. Gretna Arts Council:

Project Coordinator                          Jeff & Deborah Hurst

Editor                                             Deborah Hurst

Advertising Coordinator                 Jeff Hurst

Cover Art Coordinator                    Jennifer Besse

Accounts Payable                           Cindy Myer