The Formation of the Playhouse Operation Committee (POC)

When the Playhouse collapsed in 1994, a supervisory committee ran a financial campaign to rebuild the revered structure as well as to manage the Playhouse operations once construction was completed. The Mt. Gretna Arts Council, a 501©3 organization, facilitated the collection of funds received to rebuild the Playhouse for the POC.

A 30-year lease was created between the Pennsylvania Chautauqua and the POC, who was established as the “owner” of the playhouse.  Playhouse grounds continued to be owned by the Pennsylvania Chautauqua.

Over the past 24 years, the POC (as steward of the Playhouse) has effectively managed the building and its tenants, which include Gretna Theatre, Gretna Music, and the Original Mt. Gretna Cicada Music Festival, Inc. Through the help of grants and other contributions, the POC has improved the lighting, acoustics, audience comfort, and general operations and safety of the Playhouse. The only source of income for operations of the Playhouse is rent from our tenants.

As with many businesses and organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic has put an unanticipated strain on the POC. At this time, it is unlikely that any programs will be held in the Playhouse this summer. Meanwhile, the fixed expenses of utilities, taxes, and regular maintenance continue and the POC needs your help.

The POC is asking our supporters to help us as we navigate our way through these difficult times.  Our goal for donations is $30,000, which will help offset these expenses and preserve our monies intended for planned upgrades that will secure our Playhouse as a desirable venue for our user groups and our patrons. Our mission is to preserve our historical atmosphere of the Mt. Gretna Playhouse, while offering exceptional entertainment opportunities for the community. Your donation will help us sustain this mission and ease any potential financial strain resulting from an empty Playhouse in 2020.

The Arts Council has donated $10,000 and will match up to $5,000 of the donations made by the community. If you would like to donate money to the POC to preserve the Playhouse, please mail checks to the following address:


c/o Jessica Kosoff

PO Box 513

Mt. Gretna, PA  17064

Check should be made payable to The Playhouse Operating Committee