The Music of Motown

Join us for an evening of all of your favorite music from Motown. Back by popular demand. Pay What You Want. Over 1000 people last year.

The Greatest Hits of Broadway

Join us for an evening featuring all your favorite songs from Broadway (old & new). Pay What You Want. Always a packed house.

Top 20 Female Singers All Time

Join the fabulous Sassy Lassies (Kate, Peg, & Cait) for an evening of your favorite female singers from Ella to Whitney. Pay What You Want.

Greatest Movie Songs All Time

Join us for an evening of all the great movie songs from Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Back to the Future. Pay What You Want.

Party Anthems & Make-Out Songs

Join the Bucket List Band for an evening featuring the Party Anthems and Make-Out Songs of the 60’s. Pay What You Want. Don’t miss the fun.

The Music of ABBA

Hear all the greatest hits of ABBA. If you loved Momma Mia, you will love this show featuring Gillian, Willa & Bea. Pay What You Want.

Music of Earth, Wind & Fire

Join The Maxwell Project as they present the music of Earth, Wind & Fire and the Top Songs of the 70’s & 80’s. Pay what you want.

Strictly Platonic (Musical)

Join us for the premiere of this hilarious romantic musical comedy to benefit improvements to the Tabernacle. Tickets: $35.